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Tribe Research created Tribal Tool-Kit to help you get to know your tribe
(customers, clients, members, staff, contacts, stakeholders, suppliers...) easily and visually.

The current tools in the kit are:

  • CloudMaker is a word cloud generator that allows you to edit the words and merge similar ones - like customise and customize. Datasets can be created through:
    • Words on a website
    • Twitter extraction (search, follower and following bios and tweets)
    • Upload data from a comma separated values file (CSV)
    • Mini survey that you can distribute to your tribe (eg: ask 'When you think about Tribe Research, what are the first 3 words that come to mind' and get words that can be put into your marketing that are consistent with what your tribe uses)
  • ActionMap enables you to understand priorities for marketing and business planning by getting feedback from your tribe on the importance and satisfaction of aspects in your business.
  • Survey Design Review - Designing a survey to conduct yourself? Get it professionally reviewed so you send it out with more confidence. Available for purchase on Tribe Research's site.
  • Survey Design Masterclass gain insights from Kate Tribe about how to design a survey and draft a feedback survey in the afternoon to your own needs. Details and bookings on Tribe Research's site.

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See the words your tribe uses with CloudMaker

Click on the play arrow below to see examples of CloudMaker word clouds.